I Love L.A.

By December 30, 2008California

After the warmth of the desert (grandparents #1 and #2, aunts and uncles #1-4, cousins #1-3), the snow-covered trees and mountains (grandparents #3 and #4), and the spectacular views and empty roads of the central coast (grandparent #5), our whirlwind holiday roadtrip to all our relatives took us to … Los Angeles (grandparents #6 and #7, aunts/uncles #1-2 again, cousin #1 again!). Hello Laurel Canyon! What a brutal reality check. Seen below is our view of the scenic 101 (southbound) as we roll toward Hollywood. I dread dealing with LA, sad and forsaken cesspool of traffic and smog and USC that it is. Its only redeeming quality is, of course, the Lakers.

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