Kayaking in Thailand

By May 6, 2007January 16th, 2016Skip's Trips

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Before our 12 day Ocean Rover diving trip a few of us did a custom 8-day kayaking, jungle hiking trip with Paddle Asia to Khao Sok National Park (remarkably biting insect free!) and to Phang Nga Bay. The former is a vast 165 square kilometers lake created in the jungle about 25 years ago by damming a river. We stayed at the floating bungalows seen in the photos. Dave Williams, who founded Paddle Asia, was our guide and naturalist. This was a fabulous trip and we recommend it to anyone interested in wildlife viewing, especially birds, or adventurous sightseeing. Also included are photos from the island on which we stayed at Phang Nga Bay.

During our trip we saw five species of monkeys, monitor lizards, geckos, frogs, toads, and uncountable species of birds, including great hornbills, white-bellied sea eagles, serpent eagles, and thanks to Dave, no other people during our kayak trips.

Click the image above to see some shots of the kayak trip!

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