North Lake, Dusk to Dawn

By October 17, 2010January 30th, 2022Astrophotography and Night Scapes, California, Sierra Nevada

I suppose photos of North Lake shoreline in fall are cliche, in part because of the internet and the fact that so many photographers now visit this small area to photograph eastern Sierra fall colors during a few weeks each October. I still have yet to be there when a really good sunrise light show goes off. That said, it is a beautiful spot and I always enjoy at least one sunrise strolling the shoreline of North Lake each time I visit Bishop in the autumn. As I was editing my recent set of photos from Bishop Creek Canyon I found that I had, without intending to, garnered a series of nice images that capture views of North Lake across to Paiute Peak at different times of day. Not all of these are keepers, but they make an interesting set. I think I will keep #1, #2 and #5. These were taken in about a 12-hour span earlier this month when I was up there with Garry McCarthy.