Photography Travel Gear Checklist

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Below is my pre-trip photography gear checklist, to make sure I don’t forget anything. On any photography trip I take it is guaranteed that I will forget something important, but by using my little list I keep the forgotten gear to a minimum and I can usually improvise with what I remembered to bring. Note that while this looks like a LOT OF STUFF, it all fits in one photo backpack (Thinktank international size) and one roller duffel. So I buzz through the airport with a minimum of hassle. For most landscape travel I leave the telephotos at home and bring a single mid-zoom. Note that this is not my gear list for a diving trip, however, as that is a whole different can of worms.

Important: the photo posted here has nothing to do with a photography gear checklist.

A hiker admiring the striated walls and dramatic light within Antelope Canyon, a deep narrow slot canyon formed by water and wind erosion, Navajo Tribal Lands, Page, Arizona

A hiker admiring the striated walls and dramatic light within Antelope Canyon, a deep narrow slot canyon formed by water and wind erosion.
Image ID: 18009
Location: Navajo Tribal Lands, Page, Arizona, USA

Perhaps this gear list will be useful to you. If it is, cut and paste and modify it for your own purposes!

2 x Nikon D850, charger, spare battery
Nikon 8-15mm fish
Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8
Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8
Either 200-400 or 200-500 depending on wildlife priorities and weight allowances
Memory cards
Flash ? Better beamer ?
Timer remote controller (both ?)
ND filter (water ?)

Big or small tripod, depends on logistics
Ball head
L plates for all bodies
Extra base plate
Allen wrench for plates, ball head

AA Batteries and holder
GPS and memory card
Head lamps

Woolen hat
Sunscreen hat
Ball cap

Laptop or memory card backup device

Printed copies of passport, drivers license, permits, flight itinerary

Passcode and lockout for travel
Sync calendar and contacts
Contacts for hotels, car, guides
Car charger / room charger
E copy passport, drivers license, permits, flight itinerary, car rental

Hiking leggings
Hiking pants
Running shorts
Hiking shirts
Nice shirt

Cash and tip money
Charge cards
Gas cards
Drivers lic
Passport ?

Big backpack or small backpack
Hip sack
Tags on bags

Water bottle
Wine and chocolate

This is a generic gear list of things I need to consider for any topside trip. If you want to see what I specifically took on my trip to Antarctica last year, and what I recommend for next time, see my Photography Gear List for Antarctica, South Georgia Island and the Falkland Islands.

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