Plus One Collection

By February 10, 2012Uncategorized

Plus One Collection Limited Edition Book

The exciting new collaborative photography project Plus One Collection has just released its first Limited Edition portfolio. The best part is: the net profits from the Limited Edition Book go entirely to, which provides micro loans to entrepreneurs in all countries and cultures around the world. is really worth supportin. If you are not familiar with it, provides a new way for entrepreneurs to access the small amounts of financing they need to get their ideas to market, particularly in developing countries or turbulent areas of the globe! I contributed a single image to the collection (as did all of the participating photographers) and was fortunate to have my image chosen for the Limited Edition print book as well as the home page of the Plus One Collection website. Please take a look and, hopefully, consider purchasing a copy of the book. Remember, the Limited Edition print book is only available for purchase until February 20!

The Plus One Collection is built on the creative works of Google+ photography community and was spearheaded by photographer Ivan Makarov. I am proud to have contributed to the project, as well as purchased a copy of the Limited Edition print book. If you are a photographer, please consider connecting with me on Google+.