Shorebreak at the Wedge

By September 21, 2006January 12th, 2016Surf

Another morning at the Wedge. I sympathize with this guy as I have eaten more than my fair share of shorebreak sand too. It looks like the lip caught him in the back of the head just after this shot was taken. And this is only a small inside shorebreak, not a set wave. Some days Wedge waves are so mutant that, combined with crossed-up backwash, they have the potential to work you at any time. See more wave photos.

Shorebreak, The Wedge, Newport Beach, California

Image ID: 14204
Location: The Wedge, Newport Beach, California, USA

My guess is this guy shrugged it off and paddled out on the next backwash. Just one more reason to love a September southern hemi swell in southern Orange County…

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