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Bodie State Historic Park Photos

A few years ago I visited Bodie Ghost Town, aka Bodie State Historic Park, near Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra to photograph the old buildings in early morning light. It was a great experience. I had heard that Bodie is one of the the finest examples of an old Western mining town and after seeing it first hand I can see why. I got to the park gate about 30 minutes before sunrise, and to my delight found that only two other photographers were there that morning. Solitude, at sunrise, in one of the finest ghost towns in the country. (OK, granted, Bodie is not technically a “ghost town”, but I think of it that way.) I effectively had the entire town to myself and did not bump into another person for at least an hour. It was quiet, cool, with clear skies and dew on the grass. I spent about two hours wandering around, peering around into the old homes, barns, shops and town halls. To see some of my favorite images from that morning, see my gallery of Bodie State Historic Park photos. Thanks for looking!

Wagon and interior of County Barn, Brown House and Moyle House in distance, Bodie State Historical Park, California

Wagon and interior of County Barn, Brown House and Moyle House in distance.
Location: Bodie State Historical Park, California, USA

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