Stock Photo Gallery: Fall Colors

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Stock photos of Fall Colors

I’ve lived in California and travelled throughout the western United States my entire life, but it was not until 2006 that I began to really look for autumn color in nature. Since then I’ve made a few trips to see turning aspens in the Eastern Sierra Nevada and plan to return to Bishop and the Mono Lake Basin for another look in a few weeks. Easily the most beautiful fall colors I have seen, however, have been in Zion National Park in November. I cannot wait to get back there! However, another look at autumn in Zion will have to wait until 2012, since I’ll be tied up sipping cerveza in the Sea of Cortez in early November this year. Click the image below to see my Gallery of Fall Color Photos to which I hope to add some fine new images in a few weeks. Thanks for looking!

Aspen trees cover Bishop Creek Canyon above Aspendel, Populus tremuloides, Bishop Creek Canyon, Sierra Nevada Mountains

Aspen trees cover Bishop Creek Canyon above Aspendel.

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