Sunrise on Cylinders, The Wedge, Newport Beach

By November 9, 2022California, Surf

This image is an old favorite of mine. There was a period of time when I was visiting the Wedge often, usually midweek during the school year so the water was empty and I could shoot waves alone.  I had many great mornings like that, with glassy water, no wind and the sun coming over the hills behind Newport Beach.  The Newport jetty is what makes the Wedge what it is. When the incoming swell is from the right direction, each incoming wave will couple with the reflection of the previous wave off the jetty to form the Wedge.  But the second reflection forms a little further off the jetty, a short ways from the Wedge, and makes Cylinders.  That’s usually where I would set up. The shape of Cylinders always seemed more elegant and shapely than that of the Wedge.   This image captures that feeling for me, a clean cylindrical wave with the sunrise lighting it up.  Cheers and thanks for looking!

Sunrise glints yellow on breaking wave, dawn surf, The Wedge, Newport Beach, California

Sunrise glints yellow on breaking wave, dawn surf.
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Location: The Wedge, Newport Beach, California

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