Sunrise, Sandstone and Shadow, Valley of Fire

By January 31, 2011March 8th, 2020Nevada, The American Southwest, Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire sure lived up to its name on this morning!

I was driving along the main road in Valley of Fire State Park at sunrise on Sunday, heading toward the White Domes area when I saw the top of a impressive sandstone wall receiving the first rays of morning light. The orange/red/yellow color was so intense it stopped me in my tracks. The moon was just setting over the top of the wall as well. I decided to forget about my original plan for a sunrise hike across the mesa and see what photos I could make of this wall. This sort-of self-portrait with my tripod was my favorite of the bunch. The colors on this wall were so saturated at sunrise that I had to desaturate them a fair bit just to keep my computer monitor from spontaneously bursting into flame.

Rising sun creates the photographers shadow on a sandstone wall, Valley of Fire State Park

Rising sun creates the photographers shadow on a sandstone wall.
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Location: Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, USA

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