Torrey Pines State Reserve Panoramic Photo, Sunrise, San Diego

Panorama Picture of Torrey Pines State Reserve at Dawn, San Diego

I know Broken Hill and Torrey Pines State Reserve very well, having run on the trails here at all times of day, throughout the year, since about 1986. There is a certain time of year when both the morning sun is at the perfect position to light the bluff just the way I want and the annual weather patterns make the likelihood of a clear morning high. I woke a few hours before dawn, looked out my window toward the ocean and confirmed the sky was clear, drove down to Del Mar and hiked along the beach and up the Torrey Pines bluffs to be in position at Broken Hill for the first rays of sunrise. A bit of ocean mist was floating over the Pacific, and Mount Soledad looming over La Jolla in the distance had some clouds crowning it. But it was strikingly clear where I was standing. The air was quite still such that I could hear the small birds and animals moving through the sage bushes on the Torrey Pines mesa, and I could hear the ocean waves crashing onto the beach hundreds of feet below. A fine morning indeed, one of those mornings that makes me glad I live in San Diego. If you feel this image would make a fine wall hanging for your home or office, please know that this panorama photo will print as large as 10 feet long by 3 1/2 feet high. Please contact me if you have any questions. Cheers, and thanks for looking!

Broken Hill and view to La Jolla, panoramic photograph, from Torrey Pines State Reserve, sunrise, San Diego, California

Broken Hill and view to La Jolla, panoramic photograph, from Torrey Pines State Reserve, sunrise.
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Location: Torrey Pines State Reserve, San Diego, California, USA

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