A Note To Visitors

By August 8, 2009General

Please link to this website!

Do you like these photos? I hope so! I’ve gone to a lot of effort to not only take these photos but put them on the web for you and others to enjoy. If you like them, please consider linking to my web site. That’s right, make a link to my site (OceanLight.com) from your Facebook page, MySpace page, your Twitter account, your favorite internet community or from your school’s website. Linking to my site is a cost-free and effective way to support my photography efforts since your link will raise the visibility of my website and, hopefully, lead photo buyers to use my images in their publications. If you do link to my site, drop me a line and let me know. I’ll do my best to respond personally and say “thanks”.

If you want to link to my site, here is some HTML you can use. Just put your cursor in the box below, hit Control-A (“select all”), then Control-C (“copy”), and then paste it. Thanks!

Student Questions About My Photographs and Requests to Use My Images

Since this site was first published on the web in 1996, I have received many questions from students worldwide regarding my photos and the animal subjects I photograph. Regrettably, constraints on my time do not permit me to respond personally to all questions these days.

I also receive numerous requests from students and well-meaning organizations to use my images in school reports and on school or personal web sites. Please know that these images are costly to produce and I cannot give them away in high resolution form without a fee. However, you may use a printed copy of one of my images in your printed report, see below.

Printed Reports:

Students may use the images appearing on my site (OceanLight.com), in printed reports only for use in an elementary school, middle school or high school setting, provided that all three of the following conditions are met:

  • The image is not altered in any way. This means that the watermark credit embedded in the image (if there is one) remains intact. I hope you understand, the watermark embedded in the image really needs to be there. The reality of the internet is that if I don’t put my name in the image, people will use it without even mentioning me or the fact that I worked hard to produce the image.
  • The image is reproduced in printed form only. It may not be copied to another web site, emailed to others or stored on a computer server.
  • A link to my website (Oceanlight.com) is created on your Facebook or MySpace page, Twitter account or your school’s website, and a written acknowledgement is included in the report, with a statement like “Blue whale image copyright Phillip Colla / Oceanlight.com.” See above for how to make a link to my website.

If you are really curious about the copyright, you can see my Full Copyright Statement.