Caribbean Reef Shark Pictures (Carcharhinus perezi)

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My Caribbean reef shark pictures (Carcharhinus perezi) are now on this website. These were also taken on the same trip with Skip, Ken Howard, Keith Grundy and Jim Abernethy. These dives were a lot of fun. Jim took down a few milk crates filled with fish heads, put them on the bottom, and within a few minutes the place was crawling with reef sharks. I sat on one of the milk crates, and waited for the sharks to swim right up the chum line toward me. When one got close enough to fill the frame in my wide lens !!POW!! I’d nail him in the face with some strobe light. Nothing simpler. After a while reef sharks were bouncing off my shoulders and I couldn’t keep my eyes on all of them at once. OK, that was a little nervous. My strobes were unable to keep up with the speed at which I was firing off frame. I can’t wait to do it again.

Caribbean reef shark, ampullae of Lorenzini visible on snout, Carcharhinus perezi

Caribbean reef shark, ampullae of Lorenzini visible on snout.
Image ID: 10550
Species: Caribbean reef shark, Carcharhinus perezi
Location: Bahamas

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