Northern Shoveler, Anas clypeata

By October 20, 2009Birds

I photographed this Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) Sunday morning at Santee Lakes. The coast near my home was totally socked in with pea soup fog, but once I got inland to Santee Lakes the skies cleared. Santee Lakes has some great duck photography. I am not a bird-centric photographer, but I’ll be photographing mostly seabirds this January on a month-long trip, so I’ll probably make a few outings to Santee Lakes and La Jolla to practice my bird photography before I leave.

Northern shoveler, adult nonbreeding plumage, Anas clypeata, Santee Lakes

Northern shoveler, adult nonbreeding plumage.
Image ID: 23393
Species: Northern shoveler, Anas clypeata
Location: Santee Lakes, California, USA

Keywords: northern shoveler, duck, anas clypeata, santee lakes, san diego.