Road Trip 2005

By August 2, 2005January 14th, 2016Uncategorized

Just returned from a three week road trip. It was amazing. We had lots of fun and shot thousands of photos. It will take several weeks before I get the images organized and available online, so for now some summary statistics of the trip will have to suffice:

  • 21 days
  • 4500 miles with lots of hikes and mountain biking.
  • 5700 photos occupying 130 gigabytes
  • 7 National Parks and Monuments: Zion, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Olympic, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Saint Helens, Crater Lake.
  • 7 States: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California.
  • 3 Aquariums (Seattle, Steinhart, Monterey Bay)
  • 13 Geysers including Old Faithful, Riverside, Daisy, Grand, White Dome, Pink Cone, Castle, Great Fountain, Grotto, Echinus, Anemone and Lion geysers.
  • 17 Waterfalls including Upper and Lower Yellowstone, Gibbon, Lewis, Moose, Kepler, Firehole, Virginia Cascade, Undine, Rustic, Sol Duc, Marymere, Myrtle, Christine and Narada Falls.
  • Many wild animals including gray wolf, moose, grizzly bear, black bear and cinnamon-colored black bear, elk, bison, coyote, golden and bald eagle, osprey, blacktail and whitetail deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, marmot, chipmunk, squirrels, banana slug, wild turkey, long-tailed weasel, rabbits and some rabbit-like thing known as a pika.
  • Endless displays of wildflowers in Grand Teton and Mt. Rainier.
  • Several volcanoes: Rainier, Hood, Adams, St. Helens, Shasta, Crater Lake. Even saw St. Helens letting off some steam.
  • Too many rivers and streams to count.
  • One full moon rising behind the Space Needle in Seattle.

The office hangover when we returned is considerable:

  • 30+ as-yet-unanswered phone messages.
  • 1800 emails after filtering out the obvious spam.
  • 5-inch high pile of mail, after tossing the junk.