Scuba Diver (Korea) Pictorial

By December 13, 2013December 12th, 2023Tear Sheets

Scuba Diver Korea is one beautiful diving magazine! The print quality is excellent and each thick issue is as heavy as a brick. I was recently introduced to Scuba Diver Korea by Kevin Lee. Kevin, a top marine photographer who has photographed underwater on all seven continents, kindly introduced me to the publishers of Scuba Diver Korea. I was hesitant at first to submit my work since I have not had an underwater pictorial published in some years, and cannot shake the feeling that my older film work does not hold up well next to the modern sharp digital imagery. Well, Scuba Diver elected to run a selection of images, and the result is a very nice pictorial in the latest issue. The copies arrived and they look great. This is really a high quality magazine, of the sort we do not see too often anymore in the print industry. (If you are curious, here is a link to the online version of the pictorial). I no longer have a list of the countries in which I have been published but I am virtually certain it did not include Korea before today!. A hearty “Thank you” to Scuba Diver Korea and Kevin Lee. Cheers and thanks for looking!

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