By April 8, 2009Infrared

Exciting new initiatives in photography? Pushing the envelope? Outside my comfort zone? Bah, just a load of feel-good jargon nonsense …

Once again, I am not sure what I am doing. See the photos below as evidence. This is about as far removed from underwater film photography (which is where I started about 20 years ago) as I have ventured, to date. I got my hands on a infrared-converted camera and have started taking pictures with it trying to figure out what, if anything, it is good for. This may end up being yet another in the long series of photographic mistakes I have made over the years. I’ll know more in a few weeks whether this is worth pursuing.

Eucalyptus trees and sky

Eucalyptus trees and sky.
Image ID: 22740
Location: California, USA

Coastal bluffs, waves, sky and clouds, Carlsbad, California

Coastal bluffs, waves, sky and clouds.
Image ID: 22741
Location: Carlsbad, California, USA

This is where the infrared photos will go as I make more.