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Eureka Valley Evening Primrose, Oenothera californica eurekensis

Stock photos of the Eureka Valley Dune Evening Primrose, Oenothera californica eurekensis, in Death Valley National Park. The Eureka Valley Evening Primrose (Oenothera californica eurekensis) is a federally endangered wildflower found only on and near the sand dune habitat of the Eureka Valley, in the far northern reaches of Death…
June 4, 2010
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Photos of Poppies in San Diego

California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) have been blooming all over the place in the San Diego area, courtesy of the terrible wildfires last fall and the perfectly spaced rainfall of the last two months. Here is a hillside that was burnt in October, now coming alive with spring color. My friend…
March 5, 2008

Linanthus Dianthiflorus, Batiquitos Lagoon

We found a great spread of Linanthus dianthiflorusin a small canyon leading off of Batiquitos Lagoon in South Carlsbad: Ground pink blooms in spring, Batiquitos Lagoon, Carlsbad.Image ID: 11486Species: Ground pink, Linanthus dianthiflorusLocation: Batiquitos Lagoon, Carlsbad, California, USA Ground pink blooms in spring, Batiquitos Lagoon, Carlsbad.Image ID: 11489Species: Ground pink,…
March 11, 2005

Photos of Batiquitos Lagoon in Spring

Batiquitos Lagoon, bordering Carlsbad and La Costa in northern San Diego County, is experiencing a fantastic display of spring flowers and plants. The hills bordering the lagoon are as verdant as we can ever recall seeing them, covered with lots of yellow flowers and deep green foliage. Now is a…
March 7, 2005