CaliforniaThe American Southwest

Salvation Mountain

I recently made a trip out to Anza Borrego Desert State Park to take a look at how the wildflowers are developing there. I arrived at sunrise and took a look at a few of the spots I go to for flowers to see what was blooming and what is…
February 19, 2009
Aerial PhotographyCaliforniaSan Diego

Crystal Pier, San Diego

Crystal Pier, a combination hotel and pier in the Pacific Beach community of San Diego, extends 872 feet out into the Pacific Ocean. A few dozen cottages sit on the pier near its base. It was built in 1925. Seen beyond Crystal Pier in this aerial photo are Mission Bay…
February 5, 2009
CaliforniaDesertThe American Southwest

Palm Tree Farm

I wandered around a palm tree farm in the desert, feeling like I was amid some kind of midget forest. The palm fronds were just above my head, and the ground was covered in thick fuzz and trimmings from the trees. Due to the wide lens I used, these trees…
March 1, 2008
CaliforniaDesertThe American Southwest

Photo of 17 Palms Oasis

17 Palms Oasis is located in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, several miles down the lunar-looking Arroyo Salado wash. The drive along Arroyo Salado is fun and relatively simple, although a four-wheel drive car is recommended. Seventeen Palms Oasis, consisting of (not surprisingly) 17 palms, appears out of nowhere as you…
May 23, 2007
CaliforniaIconsTreesWhite Mountains

Photos of Ancient Bristlecone Pine Trees

Ancient Bristlecone pine trees (Pinus longaeva) live in a relatively restricted area of eastern California, Nevada and Utah, typically at altitudes above 9500'. The ancient bristlecone pine tree is considered to be the world's oldest species of tree (and indeed the world's oldest sexually reproducing, nonclonal lifeform). A number of…
October 8, 2006

South Carlsbad Reminiscing

When I was a kid, my family would drive down from Newport Beach to spend a week or two each summer camping at South Carlsbad State Beach with two other families. This was going on 30+ years ago. (Now you know how old I am; everyone looks like a grom…
September 25, 2006

Fire Breathing Dragon

**As of August 2012, I am using Delmar Housing Projects for my Canon 5D Mark III. The lens I prefer to use is the 16-35 f/2.8 II. The first couple sessions with this rig: first and second.** More surf photos. My approach to photography is not particularly rigorous or diligent.…
September 24, 2006

Shorebreak at the Wedge

Another morning at the Wedge. I sympathize with this guy as I have eaten more than my fair share of shorebreak sand too. It looks like the lip caught him in the back of the head just after this shot was taken. And this is only a small inside shorebreak,…
September 21, 2006
CaliforniaPelicans of La JollaSeabirdWildlife

Brown Pelican Photo

See my Guide to Photographing Pelicans in La Jolla. This brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis californicus) is coming in for a landing on the cliffs of La Jolla, California, just after sunrise: Brown pelican in flight. The wingspan of the brown pelican is over 7 feet wide. The California race of…
September 8, 2006
Channel IslandsFishUnderwater Life

Torpedo Ray Photo

In this photo a California torpedo ray (Torpedo californica), or electric ray, is hovering amid the kelp forest while my diving partner Brad Silva is filming it with his bright torchlights and video camera. Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, California. Pacific torpedo ray in kelp forest, filming…
August 8, 2006

Western Gull, Larus occidentalis

The Western gull, Larus occidentalis, is a large white-headed gull common along the western coast of North America. The Western gull ranges from British Columbia to Baja California. It is exclusively marine, and nests on offshore rocks and islands. While offshore it feeds on fishes and invertebrates that it can…
April 18, 2006
Beautiful Views of San DiegoCaliforniaSan Diego

Between Showers

Downtown San Diego viewed from Point Loma. A storm system passed through Southern California last weekend dumping rain, hail and snow. However, the sun was able to peek through the clouds for a moment at sunset, lighting up the San Diego skyline while the surrounding harbor and mountains in the…
March 13, 2006
CaliforniaElephant SealWildlife

Piedras Blancas Elephant Seals

We have been visiting the Piedras Blancas rookery of northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris) since early 1991, when it was newly colonized by animals from the San Miguel, San Nicholas and Ano Nuevo rookeries, and have watched it grow to its current size. We have had the good fortune to…
March 1, 2006
Pelicans of La JollaSeabird

Pelican Head Throw

See my Guide to Photographing Pelicans in La Jolla. Here are a few photos of California brown pelicans performing the pelican head throw, also known as the pelican bill throw. It looks painful. The brown pelican lifts its large bill up, arches its neck back until the throat gular pouch…
February 1, 2006

Carlsbad Morning Glass

I got a few fun photos in South Carlsbad recently, it was glassy and sunny, did not feel like winter: Surf, wave, winter, morning, Ponto, South Carlsbad.Image ID: 14980Location: Ponto, Carlsbad, California, USA Surf, wave, winter, morning, Ponto, South Carlsbad.Image ID: 14978Location: Ponto, Carlsbad, California, USA Surf, wave, winter, morning,…
January 9, 2006

Recent California Snaps

A few recent images. Click on any one to see others that are related. Beach cliffs at Torrey Pines State Reserve: Sandstone cliffs rise above the beach at Torrey Pines State Reserve.Image ID: 14725Location: Torrey Pines State Reserve, San Diego, California, USA Broken Hill at Torrey Pines State Reserve: Broken…
January 5, 2006

Salt Creek Surf

When the sun finally burned through the morning haze some nice waves appeared at Salt Creek, leftovers from Big Wednesday. Salt Creek surf, pretty big day, winter, morning.Image ID: 14851Location: Salt Creek, Laguna Niguel, California, USA Salt Creek surf, pretty big day, winter, morning.Image ID: 14852Location: Salt Creek, Laguna Niguel,…
December 22, 2005

Big Wednesday

Big Wednesday : December 21 2005. All of Southern California and Baja gets bombed with good surf, some of the best we've seen in 20+ years. Most excellent. I got away for a few hours and saw some guys tackle what is probably an 18 foot La Jolla Cove left.…
December 21, 2005

Photo of Desert Bighorn Sheep

The Desert Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) found in southwestern California, is a subspecies of the North American desert bighorn sheep that occupies the rocky and arid Mojave and Senoran deserts of the American southwest and northern Mexico. Desert bighorn sheep, male ram. The desert bighorn sheep occupies dry, rocky…
November 22, 2005