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Stock Photo Gallery: Antarctica Photos

Antarctica Pictures and Stock Photos of the Antarctic Peninsula I have assembled my favorite Antarctica Photos into a stock photography gallery. The Antarctic Peninsula is perhaps the single most photogenic place I have ever been. The photographs nearly take themselves and every direction one turns holds a scenic view. Some…
November 16, 2011
AntarcticaGalleriesSouthern Ocean

Stock Photo Gallery: Icebergs

Stock photos of Icebergs One of my goals in January 2010 when I traveled to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica was to make a series of good iceberg photos. I think I succeeded! It was wonderful cruising around the Antarctic Peninsula and witnessing the variety of shapes, sizes and hues…
August 31, 2011
FalklandsPenguinSouthern Ocean

Surfing Penguins

Last year I got to cross off one of my bucket list items: surfing penguins. I was fortunate to see surfing gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) on New Island in the Falkland Islands. After hiking around some of New Island for most of the afternoon, visiting a couple of penguin and…
April 27, 2011
AntarcticaPenguinSouthern Ocean

Standing Around Looking Cool

These Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) in Antarctica seem unable to make up their minds which way to go. In fact, they are on a mission, walking from their nests on Paulet Island to the edge of the water, to swim out to sea and forage. I had earlier laid my…
April 13, 2011
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Tabular Iceberg Photos

Photos of Tabular Icebergs in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean Some of the most impressive sights I beheld during my trip along the Antarctic Peninsula were enormous tabular icebergs. Tabular icebergs are sheets of ice, sometimes many miles long, that detach from Antarctica and travel with currents about the Southern…
March 25, 2011
Southern Ocean

The Drake Passage, Southern Ocean

The Drake Passage is rumored to be the nastiest, meanest, toughest ocean crossing in the world. Many who round Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America relate the impressiveness of the Drake's ocean swells. It is a crossing of the Drake, typically a two-day affair during which the…
December 23, 2010
AntarcticaHumpback WhaleSouthern Ocean

Neko Harbor, Antarctica

Photos of Neko Harbor, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica I awoke this morning to find us in the calm anchorage of Paradise Bay. The water was glass, and bergs were slowly drifting by the boat, riding tidal currents. I set up a time lapse sequence on the stern of the boat and…
December 20, 2010
AntarcticaSouthern Ocean

Peterman Island, Antarctica

Photos of Peterman Island, Antarctica Soon after passing through the Lemaire Channel we arrive at Peterman Island. Peterman Island is a relatively low-lying, somewhat flattish granite island with scattered gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) colonies and some small ponds. Rounded rocks along the edge of the island are awash with small…
December 18, 2010
AntarcticaSouthern Ocean

Lemaire Channel, Antarctica

Soon after leaving Port Lockroy in our wake, we arrive at the famous Lemaire Channel, noted for its narrow confines and spectacular cliffs rising on each side. About six miles long, the LeMaire Channel takes about one hour to navigate (depending on how much ice is in the channel). Conditions…
December 17, 2010
AntarcticaSouthern Ocean

Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Photos of Port Lockroy, Antarctica It was quite early in the morning that our day began, traveling down the Neumayer Channel to tiny Goudier Island on which the Port Lockeroy base resides. The skies were heavily overcast, so we did not have an opportunity to see the magnificent surroundings that…
December 16, 2010
AntarcticaPenguinSouthern Ocean

Cuverville Island, Antarctica

Photos of Gentoo Penguins on Cuverville Island, Antarctica Gentoo penguin tending to its two chicks. The nest is made of small stones.Image ID: 25551Species: Gentoo penguin, Pygoscelis papuaLocation: Cuverville Island, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica We are gradually working our way south along the western flanks of the Antarctica Peninsula. This afternoon…
September 22, 2010
AntarcticaHumpback WhaleSouthern Ocean

Cierva Cove, Antarctica

Photos of Cierva Cove, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica We begin our morning today in Cierva Cove, directly south from yesterday’s landing at Bailey Head on Deception Island. Cierva Cove is said to be a good location to see marine mammals. However, this morning the skies are dark and the air is…
September 20, 2010
AntarcticaPenguinSouthern Ocean

Bailey Head, Deception Island, Antarctica

Bailey Head, Deception Island, Antarctic Peninsula Chinstrap penguins at Bailey Head, Deception Island. Chinstrap penguins enter and exit the surf on the black sand beach at Bailey Head on Deception Island. Bailey Head is home to one of the largest colonies of chinstrap penguins in the world.Image ID: 25455Species: Chinstrap…
August 8, 2010
AntarcticaPenguinSouthern Ocean

Brown Bluff, Antarctica

Photos of Brown Bluff, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica Our approach to Brown Bluff took us across a broad sound complete with blue sky and many scenic bergs, then into a thick fog bank as we left the sound and entered a narrower passage with clouds and cold air pouring down to…
July 23, 2010
AntarcticaPenguinSouthern OceanTime Lapse

Devil Island, Antarctica

Photos of Devil Island, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica Arriving at Devil Island, the morning presented the most spectacular blue-sky weather we experienced during our entire voyage. Devil Island rose above us after we anchored, twin peaks about 800’ high framing a saddle about half that. On the slope of the island…
July 20, 2010
AntarcticaPenguinSouthern Ocean

Zodiac Cruising in Antarctica

Photos of Zodiac Cruising in Antartica I was able to spend quite a bit of time sightseeing and photographing from a Zodiac (inflatable) while in Antarctica. These hours were some of the most special of the trip. In some ways, one has more freedom of movement while in a zodiac…
July 16, 2010
AntarcticaSouthern OceanVideo

Pack Ice at the Edge of the Weddell Sea

Photos of the Weddell Sea, approaching the Antarctic Peninsula. "The Weddell Sea is, according to the testimony of all who have sailed through its berg-filled waters, the most treacherous and dismal region on earth." -- from The White Continent by Thomas R. Henry (1950). This morning finds us on the…
May 12, 2010
South Georgia IslandSouthern Ocean

Hercules Bay, South Georgia Island

Photos of Hercules Bay and Macaroni Penguins, South Georgia Island It is snowing this morning. We are anchored at Stromness but can hardly see the mountains over which we hiked yesterday. The M/V Polar Star is covered with snow. The beaches surrounding our anchorage are dusted with snow and look…
March 30, 2010
South Georgia IslandSouthern Ocean

Fortuna Bay, South Georgia Island

Photos of Fortuna Bay and Antarctic Fur Seals, South Georgia Island Fortuna Bay, with icebreaker M/V Polar Star at anchor.Image ID: 24593Location: Fortuna Bay, South Georgia Island This morning we awake anchored in Fortuna Bay. Some early birds opt for a 6am landing, while others wait until after breakfast to…
March 26, 2010
South Georgia IslandSouthern Ocean

Right Whale Bay, South Georgia Island

Photos of Right Whale Bay and Antarctic Fur Seals, South Georgia Island Antarctic fur seal colony, on a sand beach alongside Right Whale Bay, with the mountains of South Georgia Island in the background, sunset.Image ID: 24315Species: Antarctic Fur Seal, Arctocephalus gazellaLocation: Right Whale Bay, South Georgia Island Upon reaching…
March 18, 2010