San Diego

San Diego

Stock Photos of Coronado, San Diego, California

Stock photos of Coronado, San Diego, California My recent San Diego Magazine cover photo of the San Diego Coronado Bridge has generated some potential new clients for me over the past few days. I've assembled a gallery of Coronado Island photos for them to consider for related publishing projects. We'll…
January 29, 2012
Beautiful Views of San DiegoSan Diego

Leucadia Sunset

Sunset over the Ocean, Leucadia, California This photo was made a few minutes after the sun went down, in Leucadia, California, an eclectic beach community in north San Diego county that is home to great surf, great taco shops and nouveau riche homes teetering on the edge of crumbling sea…
January 18, 2012
Beautiful Views of San DiegoSan Diego

Imperial Beach Pier

The Imperial Beach Pier is an old, charismatic wooden pier reaching out in the lovely Pacific from that funky and most-southerly city in California: Imperial Beach. The Imperial Beach Pier, of "I.B. Pier", was most recently built in 1989. It is 1491' long and 24' wide and situated in water…
January 16, 2012
Beautiful Views of San DiegoLa JollaSan Diego

La Jolla Photos

La Jolla Photos I have been having fun recently making new photographs of one of my favorite cities in California: La Jolla. I spent about 10 years living in La Jolla, first in undergrad and graduate school at UCSD then a while longer before moving to North County (Del Mar,…
January 19, 2011
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San Diego Pictures

My San Diego pictures are now organized into a gallery of photos of San Diego on this website. San Diego Coronado Bridge, known locally as the Coronado Bridge, links San Diego with Coronado, California. The bridge was completed in 1969 and was a toll bridge until 2002. It is 2.1…
July 30, 2009
CaliforniaSan Diego

Tijuana River Pollution, San Diego

The Tijuana River Valley, which skirts the U.S. - Mexico border, has a huge pollution problem. The Tijuana River, which passes through Tijuana before crossing into the United States, collects huge amounts of trash and debris with each winter's storms. The plastic bottles, cans, tires, garbage bags, clothes, and sewage…
February 27, 2009
Beautiful Views of San DiegoCaliforniaSan Diego

Coast Highway 101

The Coast Highway, also known as Highway 101 or Coast Blvd, is one of the gems of San Diego County. It takes on somewhat different names as it passes through the beachside communities of La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas and Carlsbad. It passes spectacular ocean views, funky cafes…
February 13, 2009
Aerial PhotographyCaliforniaSan Diego

Crystal Pier, San Diego

Crystal Pier, a combination hotel and pier in the Pacific Beach community of San Diego, extends 872 feet out into the Pacific Ocean. A few dozen cottages sit on the pier near its base. It was built in 1925. Seen beyond Crystal Pier in this aerial photo are Mission Bay…
February 5, 2009
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Photo of California Poppy

Here are a few more photos of California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) near Del Dios, California. I got lucky with the weather, with lots of sun and blue skies the day I shot these. Now we have leaden gray skies and its supposed to be windy and cold this weekend. California…
March 14, 2008